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Head of Corporate Events

Born and bred in Drôme, Chrystel has a great sense of humour! After years in human resources, she turned to the human values of Valsoyo. Her know-how is at the service of your corporate events.

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She’s got rhythm in her skin!

Multi-skilled hotel worker

You’ll hear the cicadas of his native region singing in his voice! Originally from the Camargue, Ghyslain has a passion for nature and wilderness escapades. If he’s not at Valsoyo, you’re sure to come across him on a hike or on his bicycle. At the reception, he’ll bend over backwards to make sure you have a great time!

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Being a great dreamer helps him to detach easily from reality.

Corporate Events Project Manager

This nature lover has already travelled a good part of the globe!

A sports educator, Virginie has decided to put her taste for adventure and sporting activities at the service of Valsoyo customers.

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10 years of African percussion

Managing Director

Pure Drôme juice, 7th generation of the family, as a child he lived on the farm, played in his grandfather’s workshop and worked in the henhouse with his grandmother. The estate holds no secrets for him, and he fully embodies its values. What makes him special? A pronounced taste for play, new experiences and immersion, especially when shared with others.

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Half-geek, half-party!

Director of Events, Hotels and Activities

A lifelong entrepreneur, she was already organising booms when she was in CE2! Passionate about business development and people, Laurianne is the link builder at Valsoyo. Both internally and externally, she uses her sensitivity to connect business lines and audiences. It’s a sweet mix that’s synonymous with good vibes!

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Dance and To-do lists

Administrative Manager

An Upienne since birth, Elodie is the quiet force of the team. After marrying Valsoyo, she is now much more than just an administrative manager. She is indispensable.

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I played synth for 8 years!

Head of Communications

The Ardéchois in the team! There has to be one! Honoré has wandered from right to left, always with a keen eye on event communication. He takes great pleasure in promoting the Valsoyo spirit!

Son talent caché ?

He does a great imitation of a dolphin

Communications Officer

The youngest member of the team, she’s already got a lot of savoir vivre. She’s a ball of positivity and energy. Don’t tell her it’s impossible, she’ll always find a solution!

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Maintenance & Works Manager

Our Edward with the silver hands. As well as looking after the estate, Cyril has a good heart and is always ready with a joke. His great hobby is thrills!

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The challenges of the extreme

Multi-skilled maintenance worker

Our Portuguese Swiss Army knife! With his infectious carefree attitude, he’s the man for any situation. He knows Valsoyo like the back of his hand. A bon vivant with a big heart.

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His artistic side: he writes, sings and puts on a show

Private Events Manager

A former handball champion, she’s never short of ideas for your wedding. She’ll always have an anecdote to tell you. Emilie talks as much as she smiles! Joviality guaranteed!

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An unrivalled handywoman and cook


Nordiste de cœur, elle est le sourire de l’accueil ! Côté équipe, on la surnomme « maman » parce qu’elle prend soin de tout le monde. Il en va de même avec les clients de l’hôtel où elle ne laisse rien au hasard.

Son talent caché ?

No dance step can resist him

Multi-purpose hotel employee

Aurore’s outspoken personality means she can listen to Walt Disney over and over again, even though she’s a metal fan. It’s the perfect counterpoint for a woman who will always welcome you with a smile.

Son talent caché ?

Eat 3 desserts in one meal. Don’t be afraid!

Cleaning lady

Of Albanian origin, Naïme is our pearl of the house. Discreet and efficient, she stops at nothing to make you feel at home. Not even the language barrier.

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Burek & Flia. A real treat!
Valsoyo - séminaire Drôme & Ardèche
Valsoyo - séminaire Drôme & Ardèche
Valsoyo - séminaire Drôme & Ardèche

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Valsoyo offers a pleasant working environment in a natural setting. 

Join a team where helping each other, sharing and laughing are daily pillars.  

A corporate culture where every member is valued and where good humour reigns supreme.

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