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Follow in the Footsteps of Tibetan Wisdom

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Imagine waking up in the morning to the muffled, mysterious sound of the dungchen, the long Tibetan horns that seem to call on the travelling soul to discover new things. Far more than a simple tourist trip, the journey becomes a quest for meaning, an immersion in a universe where spirituality blends with the raw beauty of the landscape.

With each step towards the “roof of the world”, perched on the top floor of the hotel, the welcome becomes warmer. The benevolent gaze of Amitabha Buddha envelops you, while the sacred mantra whispers a message of welcome and harmony. It’s an invitation to let go, in a place designed for serenity.

icon lit double

Chambre double

cuisine équipé valsoyo

Cuisine équipée


Draps et serviettes
de bain fournis


Draps et serviettes
de bain fournis

icon interdit aux animaux

Animaux domestiques
non autorisés


Salle d'eau

icon canapé convertible

Séjour avec deux lits d'appoints
un couchage convertible simple
et un couchage convertible double


Wifi gratuit

Room features

The flat is accessed from the first floor of the hotel. As soon as you push open the front door, a wooden staircase invites you to follow it to discover the large, colourful living room. The natural hemp walls speak of history and culture. Prayer flags, vibrating in the wind, add a sense of connection with the elements to the atmosphere. On your left is the shower room, enclosed by a door and designed according to Tibetan culture, followed by the fully-equipped kitchen area. In the background, behind a curtain, you can see the family bedroom with its double bed. In the living room, you’ll find a single sofa bed and a double sofa bed.

You’ll leave your stay with more than just memories!

Partez à la découverte de nouvelles sensations

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130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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