Who are we?

A little history...


It all starts with a conviction

"True happiness consists in making people happy ".

Stanislas Leszczynski

Valsoyo was founded on the idea that happiness only exists if it is shared


So it was in 2002, after 30 years of rearing laying hens, that Erick Valla (6th generation of the family) decided to transform the family farm into a place of hospitality: “La Ferme aux Voyages”.


First there was a reception room made of stone, wood and hemp, then eight themed flats, a veritable voyage of the senses. 


Erick’s sister, Jocelyne, a real adventurer with a passion for the cultures of the world, added the finishing touches. This restoration project is also the work of inventive and talented local craftsmen who have created such original interior designs – in short, a real human adventure. Valsoyo (named after her 2 children, Solène and Yoann) was born to welcome travellers in a warm, authentic setting and offer them a new experience to disconnect them from their daily lives.

Equipe Valsoyo parenthèse bleu et orange

From conviction to a real business project

A real experience of escape , sharing and emotion

Following this vision, Valsoyo has continued its development.


First of all, in 2011, with the creation of a 7-hectare park planted with trees and a 3500m² lake on former farmland. Gradually, a number of fun activities were added, always taking a different approach to traditional activities: blowpipe shooting, underground labyrinth, recumbent bikes, rafts, footgolf, etc.


In the years that followed, new unusual accommodation was created in the park: Scandinavian kotas, trapper’s huts and then a bohemian caravan.


In 2016, when Erick stopped his main activity of grading eggs, Yoann, his son, joined the adventure and they decided to transform the former packing centre into an event space. Once again, the room needed a little extra soul: an impressive wooden framework, mezzanines supported by wrought-iron shafts, Eyzahut stone walls, large picture windows…


To date, the development of this space is almost complete, but a number of projects are already under study to continue the development of this place of commitment.

Upie, séminaire d'entreprise en Drôme
Upie, séminaire d'entreprise en Drôme
Upie, séminaire d'entreprise en Drôme

From promises to actions

Hosting you differently

To meet this commitment, we deploy all our expertise around our 3 founding pillars:


1. Welcoming you in a natural, comfortable and authentic setting

2. Creating a human relationship based on trust and closeness that reflects our values

3. Providing you with fun, immersive and original experiences that generate emotions.

We base all our projects on these 3 pillars. And we do this in such a way that our promise is embodied in everything we do!

Know-how combined with values

A story that makes sense

Know-how alone is not enough; it must be backed up by an ethic, a system of values and a sense of purpose.


In the early 1800s, Jean-Antoine acquired this agricultural and livestock farm. It was subsequently taken over, developed and maintained by the next 5 generations. Working the land and animals has had a profound effect on the family’s habits and beliefs. Today, these values are our DNA:


  • The pleasure of entertaining, kindness and generosity
  • Authenticity and conviviality
  • Respecting nature and people & remaining humble
  • Dare, play and challenge yourself!
  • Sharing our passions, creativity and desires

These values define our way of working, sharing and celebrating… They characterise our difference and our added value for our employees, our customers, our suppliers… They are also the source of our commitment and guarantee the satisfaction of a job well done.


In short, we are proud of our history and we will continue to write it with our projects, while remaining true to our roots.

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