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Are you looking for a receptive venue to inform, advertise or debate? Take advantage of our specially adapted, spacious and fully-equipped rooms to address your audiences. Get your message across in the best possible way!

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Whether you are planning a conference on a topical subject open to the public or a press conference, we can help you organise it.

Preparing for a conference often raises questions about cloakrooms, a reception desk, access to dressing rooms and an adjoining lounge to welcome the press or speakers, not to mention parking facilities. Valsoyo has all the solutions, combining the operational with a privileged setting.   

Come up with an original, warm setting to capture the public’s attention. Our pre-integrated technical solutions and modular stages will bring your conferences to life


Put your speakers and your audience at ease!

Reinvent your AGM in our events sector

General Meeting

The General Meeting is an important decision-making time for meeting, informing and involving your audience. It is an essential event for the members of an association, company or other organisation.


Valsoyo offers you a new way of experiencing the event by completely redefining the way in which these professional meetings are organised. Thanks to our modern equipment and a room designed down to the smallest detail, we can stage your content in such a way as to captivate the audience.


Every company is unique, and every AGM should be too. We create a different atmosphere for each event, personalising the space so that it reflects your identity and reinforces the sense of belonging of each of your members.


Discover our large, flexible interior spaces, which can be reinvented to suit your needs and accommodate a wide range of event formats.


Our exceptional setting, in the heart of a natural site and a serene environment, encourages concentration and inspiration. The surrounding nature contributes to the overall experience, allowing your participants to breathe and recharge between sessions.


Define your AGM as a reception that combines tradition and innovation, seriousness and creativity, for an event that is not just a meeting, but an unforgettable highlight.


Have you ever thought of closing your AGM with a food court?

Organisez une assemblée générale vers Valence
Organisez une assemblée générale vers Valence

Discover new sensations



Seminars and conferences are two professional events that allow participants to meet, exchange ideas and share their knowledge. These events are an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest trends in your sector, develop your professional network and meet experts in your field.


Take advantage of our large, modular and functional spaces to design your symposiums.


Conclude your symposium with an unforgettable and festive event (original entertainment, unusual and prestigious reception venue, etc.).

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