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You're in for a treat in the Drôme

Drôme’s gastronomy is distinguished by a wealth of culinary delights rooted in its terroir. A land of flavours, it invites you to discover its emblematic specialities, brought to life by renowned chefs! The Drôme is a symphony of tastes that celebrates the products of its land.



The culinary heritage of the Drôme is brimming with specialities that will delight young and old alike! These include raviole, the small stuffed pastry cushion that is the pride of the region, and caillette, a fine, grassy charcuterie. 

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Gastronomy in the Drôme

Drôme is not just about traditional dishes, it’s also the cradle of Pangée: a cake sold with a missing slice, representing the initial rift of Pangée. The apricot at the centre of this delicacy symbolises Drôme at the heart of the world.


The gastronomic brilliance of the Drôme is embodied by Michelin-starred chefs, including Anne-Sophie Pic, who has a three-star restaurant in Valence. Other Michelin-starred establishments such as Glenn Viel***, Les Cèdres*, Domaine du Colombier*, la Cachette* and Flaveurs* confirm that the Drôme is a destination rich in haute cuisine talent.


The Cité du Chocolat in Tain l’Hermitage invites you to discover how chocolate is created. In Montélimar, the Cité du Bonbon invites you to taste the famous nougat. Don’t forget to try the Pogne or the Suisse, brioche and cake respectively, not forgetting the St-Genix. Every bite is a discovery, every flavour a story to tell.


The Hermitage vineyards offer prestigious wines, sources of juicy, tasty fruit. Local craftsmanship is also expressed through the local breweries, where artisanal beers are brewed with passion and expertise.



The Drôme, the birthplace of the black truffle, offers lively markets where truffle farmers and their dogs compete to unearth these nuggets. This gastronomic diamond from the Drôme is the star of refined dishes, sublimating local cuisine. 

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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