Share unusual moments



Gather in the green

Appointment in unknown territory at Valsoyo

 Take your staff on an unusual seminar for one or more days at Valsoyo.


Take advantage of our central location between the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur regions to bring them together. All you have to do is put together an exciting programme or put your trust in our teams.


The best thing about Valsoyo is that you get to work in a very special environment, with all the comforts you could wish for (surface area, modularity, technical equipment, atmosphere, choice of personalised meals, etc.).

A place that combines comfort and functionality


You need to get together to discuss, exchange ideas and work together on a new issue or a new project in your department. You need to organise a training day to get your teams away from their daily routine.


Get away from your usual environment to tackle important issues as a team.


Our venue facilitates a variety of discussion formats, from plenary sessions to sub-committees.


As soon as you arrive, our spaces are ready to start your work session. You’ll enter a bubble that’s a source of emulation and creativity and that stimulates your collective intelligence.


You can take advantage of our bright, modular rooms overlooking the park. It’s a calm, natural atmosphere that encourages concentration, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Réunion d'entreprise Drôme
Réunion domaine de valsoyo
Réunion domaine de Valsoyo séminaire d’entreprise
reunion au domaine de valsoyo entreprise

A place to strengthen ties

Study day

Come to Valsoyo for any kind of study day! Mix training, information and relaxation in the same place. Choose a balanced programme of work sessions and activities. 


Save time organising your day by taking advantage of our personalised packages. You can rely on us for the logistical aspects and delegate to our teams the running of your activity, the management of lunch or the service of a break.


Looking for something original for your event? Reach out to your teams with an ambassador speaker, an activity programme (discovery, sports, culinary, musical…) or by linking the day to a topical theme in your company or simply a festive one (CSR, funfair, Wild West atmosphere…).



What about a Valsoyade challenge?

Discover new sensations

Residential seminar

Our promise to you is to spend two or three days in the countryside and make your stay a little more unusual!


Drop off your suitcases in a setting that’s perfect for disconnecting, reflecting and working.


Our 8 flats in the hotel, decorated on the theme of travel (Japan, Canada, Finland, Greece, Mexico, Tibet, Morocco, Ireland) and our 5 unusual accommodations in the park (trapper’s huts, Finnish kota, caravan) complete the atypical choice of our rooms.


Single occupancy or up to 6 people depending on the category, you’ll be immersed in the traditional music of the country as soon as you enter your accommodation.


After a long day’s work, opt for a restful night’s sleep. You’ll find all the comforts of a hotel room. Our night-time areas invite you to relax and enjoy a change of scenery.


For larger groups, it is also possible to set up oriental lodges in the park. We can tailor-make your project to your needs, depending on the season and the theme of your event. A back-to-basics experience that will make it even easier to connect with your audience.


Would you like to enhance your seminar? Take advantage of our wealth of activities and events on site or in our region. Work with our teams to design a fun, personalised programme to discover the Drôme.


We’ve got an idea! Why not organise a night-time dessert hunt? A choice of unusual activities organised for the Décor Discount management seminar.

Announce your strategy effectively


You want to get your teams involved for the start of the new business year or for a project launch. Bring all your teams together to present the issues at stake in our specially adapted venue. Make this task easier for yourself and optimise your budget with equipment already included in our packages (video projector, sound system, stage lighting, lectern). Our teams will be happy to advise you on the best location for your event, depending on the number of people involved, the proceedings and your objectives.

Journée d'étude en Rhône Alpes
Kick off pitch grande salle Valsoyo
Réunir, réunion

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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