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Originality and Atypism: accommodation that makes a lasting impression

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Set in the heart of lush green parkland, these unusual accommodations stand out from the crowd thanks to their different pitches. Every nook and cranny has been designed to offer visitors peace and quiet. Whether in the shade or on a sunny terrace, you can experience nature in the best possible conditions.


With a touch of cocooning spirit, our accommodation stands out from the ordinary. They are designed to be as comfortable as they are original, creating the ideal romantic setting for couples or a memorable family break. Each home is an invitation to experience unique moments, far from the uniformity of classic hotels.


The originality and atypical aspect of our accommodation are at the heart of our offer. We want every visitor to leave with a wow effect, an impression that stays with you forever. With this in mind, each playful dwelling has been created with local, creative craftsmen who are fully involved in the Valsoyo project, to surprise and amaze you.


Our accommodation, while unusual, is not without its comforts. They have all the modern conveniences to make you feel at home. Combined with the wooded and natural surroundings, the experience is immersive but also peaceful, allowing our visitors to fully recharge their batteries.


Valsoyo stands out for its unique setting, different from other accommodation. The environment is designed to create an incomparable experience, where every element of the décor contributes to the overall atmosphere of tranquillity and originality.


Our unusual breaks are an invitation to discover and escape. It offers a perfect balance between originality, comfort and privacy, all in a natural, rejuvenating setting. Come and experience a moment away from your everyday life, where every detail has been thought of for your pleasure and well-being.

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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