Foster a unifying spirit



Boost the cohesion of your teams

Boost the cohesion of your teams

Do you need to re-connect your employees? Take them out of their usual working environment and challenge them? Or simply share a moment of conviviality as a team? A 7-hectare playground is open to you. Whether outdoors or indoors, make the most of this favourable environment to organise unforgettable team-building moments. 


Rely on our teams to make suggestions and advise you on the challenges of your seminar.


Take advantage of a host of on-site activities, supervised by our own entertainers, or a wide choice of team-building activities with carefully selected partners. 

In the fresh air to unite your teams

Team building

In the park, we offer concepts with original and innovative activities. These incentive programmes are sure to unite your teams. Our sole aim is to make sure you have a great time!


Our “Les Valsoyades” challenge involves your teams in a series of varied, thrilling outdoor activities. You’ll cross the lake on a zip line, outdo yourselves on the monkey bridges, explore our cave, explore the park on a recumbent bike, sail on a raft, shoot with a laser rifle or a blowpipe… It can be organised for 8 people or more, up to 200 people or more, depending on the format of your event. Allow around 3 hours for this activity (depending on the number of participants).



Everyone knows about football and golf. But who has ever played footgolf? At Valsoyo, discover this original activity on the course set up in the park. Working as a team, you have to complete the 9 or 18 holes with as few kicks as possible.


All our “Company” packages include a drink break and a reward for the winners.

Relive the Gefix teams' Team Building day in pictures!

What’s new in your company has to do with a specific business theme, such as ecology, creativity, safety at work, integrating new employees, team synergy or collective intelligence. Challenge us, we love challenges too!

We can also meet your other team-building needs, depending on the objectives of your event.

We can meet all your other team-building needs, depending on the objectives of your event.

And if all you want to do is have fun and clear your head, we’ve got lots of ideas: escape game, culinary workshop, batucada entertainment, koh lanta challenge, introduction to sophrology, quiz with buzzers, climate fresco, 2CV ride, electric scooter outing…


After Work Drôme
After Work Drôme
After Work Drôme

Finding yourself differently



Come and breathe at Valsoyo for an evening. You’re guaranteed to let go!

Your working day is over, but you love your colleagues and you’d like to extend the conversation over a drink. You’re used to meeting your suppliers in an informal setting to forge links. These friendly moments sometimes encourage networking and allow you to discuss future projects together.


There’s nothing like the serenity of our indoor and outdoor spaces for a relaxed break after a busy day. All our rooms are ideal for informal meetings. They will welcome your participants in a warm atmosphere around a cocktail, grazing platter or barbecue buffet.


Liven up your afterwork with fun entertainment. Close-ups, a caricaturist, a photobooth or a quiz will fit in perfectly with the stand-up format of your event. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and relax!


Valsoyo is designed to help you unwind and savour the moment. Take a deep breath and let the magic of nature work its magic.

Strengthen professional ties

Team outing

Do you need to go beyond simple working relationships? Do you feel that your team needs a change of scene? A team outing is not just a chance to have fun, but a moment that can energise your company and your relationships at work. 

Conclude your day away from the office in one of our exotic locations. Whether it’s sporting activities, group challenges or shows, we’ll keep you entertained and strengthen the bonds between colleagues.


It’s time to create shared, eye-catching memories.

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