Amaze your audience in a unique setting



A place to distinguish your brand

Surprise all your audiences

Would you like to surprise your audience? Do your audiences like serene, elegant settings?


As a brand, standing out is essential! Valsoyo gives you that distinction, so that every fashion show, trade fair, exhibition, showroom or product launch is not only a success, but also a remarkable moment for everyone involved.


Our welcoming atmosphere and the versatility of our facilities make for a powerful combination and a peaceful place to work.


Our team will create the best conditions to ensure that your event has a powerful impact.


Modularity and technicality: spaces to suit all requirements

Product/brand launch

Organising an event is a powerful communication tool for any company wishing to launch a new product, range or brand. It’s a strategic move designed not only to unite your teams but also to capture the interest of your customers. With this in mind, offering an exceptional setting is essential to make a lasting impression. Our natural surroundings, reception area and modular spaces are the ideal place to enhance your product launches.


What makes Valsoyo so special is its modularity. The many interconnected spaces mean that you can create customised configurations to meet the specific needs of each product launch. Whether you’re planning a modular stage for a dynamic presentation or integrating one or more vehicles in the hall for a striking exhibition, anything is possible.


A successful event is also one that is easy to access for all participants. The ease of access to the Valsoyo site enhances the appeal of your events: located 20 minutes from the Valence Romans TGV station, close to the A7 motorway, beautiful country roads for organising test drive sessions… The adjustable seating capacity will enable you to invite as large an audience as you wish, without compromising the comfort of everyone.


The success of such an event depends on rigorous organisation, flawless technical skills and sound advice. Take advantage of a network of qualified local partners to enhance your event: caterers, entertainers, stand builders… Every detail is carefully managed to ensure that your experience is impeccable, from start to finish.


The objective is clear: to ensure that your message is heard and greatly appreciated by your audiences.


Optimise the layout of your stands


 When it comes to trade shows and events, organisation and location are the keys to success.


Valsoyo offers you a welcoming environment, with modular and spacious spaces without compromising the warm, human dimension. The different ways in which the rooms communicate with each other make it easier for your visitors to get around, and allow you to imagine a variety of different layouts. In particular, you can use our mezzanine areas overlooking the main hall, or relocate stands to our upstairs rooms to create more intimate and confidential areas.


Each space at Valsoyo benefits from high-quality technical equipment and professional lighting, ensuring that your products and services are showcased in the best possible way. Easy electrical connections and generous ceiling heights open up a world of possibilities for dynamic presentations and impressive demonstrations.


Accessibility is simplified thanks to easy access to the hall and large sectional doors, making it easy to assemble and dismantle your show. The Valsoyo site has been designed to lighten the load of event logistics, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important: your event and your audience.


With its dynamic room layout, Valsoyo adapts to a multitude of event formats and sizes. From intimate lounges to large gatherings, the layout is designed to optimise the different flow formats, ensuring a pleasant, fluid experience for all participants.


On site, we are able to work with a local stand designer who already knows the venue and its layout advantages very well. If you need catering for your production teams, our team will be able to advise you and help you choose a local caterer.



Don’t hesitate to discover the potential of our facilities for your future trade shows.

Display your products in a contemporary setting

Trade fairs & Exhibition

Showcasing your products and seducing your customers is a subtle art that requires an exceptional setting. Organising an ephemeral showroom at Valsoyo offers your company an invaluable asset: a space that is as atypical as it is warm, to welcome your customers in a captivating environment. It’s an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, establish a close relationship and inspire confidence in your customers.


We are committed to developing a setting that encourages people to meet and talk. The natural dimension of our venue, its location in the area and the ambience of our rooms guarantee you a calm and peaceful exhibition.


All our spaces are easily accessible for set-up and dismantling. You can take advantage of on-site advice from our teams and appropriate technical solutions to boost productivity.


Choose an outstanding venue that will captivate your customers and win their loyalty.

Enhance your models and professional images

Shooting & Film

Mariage en Drôme
Mariage préparation en Drôme

Are you looking for a place that inspires creativity? Does the theme of your photo shoot or film shoot call for an unusual, natural setting?


Our domain and its intimate locations will delight photographers looking for an unrivalled playground to highlight people or products. The bucolic setting provides the perfect backdrop for shots that will make all the difference. Each photo shoot becomes an aesthetic adventure, where nature and art merge to create timeless images.


The Domaine de Valsoyo, often compared to a miniature version of the famous Puy du Fou, is distinguished by its wooden decor and buildings that evoke Roman times. This atypical and unusual setting is an invitation to create unique photo sessions, where each shot benefits from a natural wood atmosphere and a rare authenticity.


Imagine your model standing out against the calm water, with the Vercors mountains in the background. There are several viewpoints with height, overlooking areas of greenery, offering good exposure to the light.


Our team is on hand to help you realise your plans, so you can enjoy a truly exceptional setting.

Valsoyo - séminaire Drôme & Ardèche
Valsoyo - séminaire Drôme & Ardèche

Turn your wildest event ideas into reality

Fashion show

Il est temps de vous lancer pour un show spectaculaire et authentique dans notre grande salle. Que dites vous d’un défilé sous cette charpente illuminée ?


Each fashion show is a unique opportunity to promote a new collection, give visibility to a designer or celebrate original expertise.


It’s a living spectacle that serves a dual purpose: to reveal a brand’s new creations and to leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s for luxury giants or dynamic young designers, organising a fashion show at Valsoyo is sure to shake things up.


Our indoor and outdoor facilities are ideal for organising prestigious highlights, with all the amenities you need to make your event run smoothly. Whether it’s access to fully-equipped dressing rooms or an unusual staging, you’ll have all the technical requirements on site to turn your wildest ideas into reality.


Depending on your needs, we offer a range of event entertainment (make-up artists, hostesses, photographers, technical manager, etc.) that will take your fashion show beyond the conventional.


It’s time for a spectacular and authentic show in our large hall. How about a parade under this illuminated roof structure?

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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