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The cultural and historical treasures of the Drôme

With its rich history and intermingling culture, the Drôme has a wealth of heritage to offer, from captivating museums and majestic castles to hilltop villages and natural sites. The Drôme will charm lovers of art, history and ancient heritage.

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Heritage in the Drôme

Just 20 minutes from the domain, explore the city of Valence and its Museum of Art and Archaeology. It is the department’s artistic showcase. Its many exhibitions reflect the art and cultural wealth of the Drôme. Here you can explore centuries of history, from classical fine art to contemporary pieces.


Valence’s charm is also embodied by the Kiosque Peynet, a monument to love and tenderness illustrated by Raymond Peynet’s drawings. This monument tells a timeless love story that inspires locals and visitors alike.


Valence’s canals are an important part of the city’s heritage. These waterways have played a crucial role in the city’s historical and economic development. You can enjoy a refreshing stroll along the 17 km of paths that run alongside these small waterways.


In the north of the Drôme is the astonishing Palais du Facteur Cheval, a work of art brut created by Ferdinand Cheval. This simple old-time postman proved that passion and imagination can create wonders. This monument is recognised as a jewel of naive architecture, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Drôme also shines in the field of animated film thanks to La Cartoucherie. This is a centre of excellence dedicated to the moving image, illustrating the department’s support for creative and cultural industries. The studios at La Cartoucherie produce some of the world’s best-known animated films, putting Drôme on the world map of animated cinema.


Among the many castles in the Drôme, Grignan is an architectural jewel that adds to the region’s historic heritage. Its silhouette tells the story of the Drôme through the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.


And what about exploring the various hilltop villages in the Drôme close to the domain? They offer a panoramic view of the Drôme Provençale in all its authenticity. Mirmande, Poët-Laval and Cliousclat are jewels of heritage. You’ll find cobbled streets and stone houses suspended between heaven and earth, allowing you to escape into Provençal culture.


Take a diversion to the Tour de Crest, France’s highest keep at 52 metres. From this place of feudal power, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view over the Drôme basin.

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