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A heritage handed down from generation to generation

Built to surprise

Family heritage, different generations and life stories have followed one another on this farmland, which has now become Valsoyo!


Created out of generosity, Valsoyo has grown with the intention of passing on its passion for “entertaining you“!


 Discover what makes Valsoyo so special.

A family history

The story

After 30 years of raising laying hens, Erick VALLA set about restoring the old family farmhouse. His personal commitment: to develop an original place for relaxation and discovery. With the help of several creative craftsmen and the complicity of his sister Jocelyne, the project was designed, built and launched under the name of Valsoyo!

A place with great potential

The place

The adventure began with the renovation of a reception hall and eight themed flats. Set in a 7-hectare natural area, the estate now boasts 8 event venues offering more than 1,500 m² of usable space, and 5 unusual accommodations have been added to the original flats.

A committed team

The team

Year on year, the project has grown and so have the teams. 


Today, there’s a team of 13 people on hand to welcome you for your hotel stay, organise your private and corporate events, or share a moment of fun with our outdoor activities.


A team that listens to you and has hidden talents!

limouches Chabeuil
Valsoyo chouette
Balade a velo au domaine de Valsoyo
Valsoyo tipi

Tourism and events destination

The Drôme

A family-run business, Valsoyo’s history is firmly rooted in its region: the Drôme. A pioneering department in organic farming, this destination benefits from its accessibility, its know-how and its diversity of landscapes, to attract more and more tourists and a wide range of events.

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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