Eight themed flats in the Drôme

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All the charm of a farmhouse

Set in the heart of the verdant countryside, the hotel is an intimate setting where the history of the building has been preserved. As soon as they step into the lobby, visitors are greeted by a large glass roof that floods the reception area with natural light. The elegance of the wrought-iron mezzanine overlooking the space adds a touch of refinement to the warm, friendly atmosphere that characterises the establishment.


On the first floor of the reception area leading to the flats, you can enjoy a convivial area with books and board games for all the family.


Every morning, the lobby is transformed for the buffet breakfast service. When the weather is fine, take the time to share it with your family on the cobbled terrace in the shade of the trees.


This stone building and farmhouse has been completely refurbished and redesigned to welcome the public. The renovation of the Hôtel de Valsoyo has been designed to combine modern comfort with respect for the architectural heritage, creating a unique place where authenticity blends perfectly with the world of travel in the flats.


Whether in the flats or in the park with the “insolites”, Valsoyo offers an extraordinary holiday experience. Each represents a different travel destination, offering guests a cultural escape from the Drôme. From the decor to the fittings, everything has been designed to ensure that each space is an invitation to travel and discover.

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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