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The Drôme, a naturally attractive region

Situated where the Alps meet Provence, the Drôme offers a diversity of landscapes. A paradise for nature lovers, with towering peaks and fragrant lavender fields. The Drôme captivates and seduces with its unspoilt beauty.

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Nature in the Drôme

Who hasn’t seen a photo of a lavender field? A powerful image of our beautiful department, plan a day out to meet this beautiful violet through the fields. Their fragrance, a symbol of Provence, captures the hearts of all those who venture down these fragrant paths.


Bring your shoes! The Drôme’s waymarked footpaths are a hiker’s paradise, with routes through lavender fields and hilltop villages. Climbing and water sports, such as canoeing and kayaking, will appeal to adventurers looking to immerse themselves in the wild nature of the Drôme Valley.


The Vercorienne region is home to the Cascade de la Druise, a 72-metre waterfall that meets a crystal-clear pool. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s the ideal place for a hike, a swim or simply a picnic to the soothing sound of the water.


Discover the Roanne Valley, the birthplace of the River Drôme. Its capricious rivers and ancient forests offer a mosaic of landscapes and flora and fauna. It’s a little corner of paradise, surrounded by birdsong and the murmur of rivers, where you can reconnect with the environment and escape the urban pace.

The 3 Becs, these imposing peaks, are the place for climbers and hikers in search of breathtaking panoramas and challenges! The climb reveals unspoilt nature and an unbeatable view of the Vercors. At the foot of these giants, the Forêt de Saou unfurls its green mantle: an enchanted forest straight out of a dream.


If you go further afield, you can discover the benefits of the Vercors Regional Nature Park. A life-size playground for outdoor enthusiasts: hiking, cycling, Nordic skiing… breathtaking plateaux to reconnect with the authenticity of nature.


In the Valence conurbation, the port of l’Épervière combines nautical and city life. This port is a dynamic crossroads where boats and walkers can discover the river beauty of the region.


Fancy a cycling break? The Viarhôna invites you to cycle along the Rhône, discovering a variety of panoramas, from lavender fields to lush orchards. Discover the Drôme countryside from a different angle.


Skip the Rhône and land in our neighbouring department, the Ardèche. Just 10 minutes from Valence, the Château de Crussol is a landmark of the region’s heritage. The medieval ruins welcome you for a walk, a jog or just some family time, all overlooking the Rhône Valley.


At the gateway to the Ardèche, the Drôme enjoys a privileged location, allowing you to discover two departments in symbiosis, offering a spectacle between land and water, shadow and light.

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