An ideal setting for your events in the Drôme

Meeting up


Forge links with serenity

A family estate ready to welcome you

Whether it’s for family reunions, cousinly get-togethers or association gatherings, our venue welcomes you to take the time to get together. Your families or members can take advantage of our comfortable spaces to renew ties.


All year round, our cross-disciplinary skills will enable you to organise all your festive events in a single location.


Call on our team to help you get ready!

A central meeting place


Organising a cousinade is a logistical challenge that requires a venue that is both spacious and welcoming


With its central location in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Valsoyo offers the perfect setting for bringing your families together for a memorable cousinade. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the environment is ideal for reunions and creating lasting memories.


Imagine a space where the surrounding nature blends with authentic architecture, creating a warm atmosphere to touch different generations.


Benefit from a range of spacious rooms and on-site accommodation to suit all members of the family. Modern facilities guarantee comfort and functionality, allowing everyone to enjoy the event to the full.


Valsoyo offers a variety of on-site activities to ensure your cousinhood is synonymous with fun and relaxation. From country walks to family games and discovering local traditions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and have fun with.

Rassemblement association - Valsoyo - Drôme
Rassemblement association - Valsoyo - Drôme
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Brasero à Valsoyo

The ability to adapt to different formats.


At Valsoyo, every event becomes an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between participants while taking advantage of an exceptional setting and a multidisciplinary site.


Whether it’s a general meeting, a fund-raising event, a partners’ or sponsors’ evening, an awards evening, a committee meeting or a team-building session, our venue and the diversity of its indoor and outdoor spaces offer the ideal environment to make a lasting impression.


Our rooms can be adapted to suit different event formats. They are all equipped with sound and projection systems. Take advantage of our range of integrated lighting systems, making them the perfect choice for any event organiser looking to combine technology with prestige.


With its versatile facilities, the site lends itself equally well to intimate events and large-scale gatherings. We’ll create an atmosphere conducive to sharing and exchange.

Turnkey packages for a carefree celebration


Would the members of your association like to get together for a special occasion? Celebrating a retirement or organising a trophy presentation?


Valsoyo offers the perfect setting to mark this moment of transition with a ceremony worthy of the name. By opting for a gala evening, you are offering tangible recognition for the efforts and dedication of your employees.


Aware of the complexity of organising such events, we can help you define your event.


From shows to a wide variety of entertainment, we promise you unforgettable highlights. Thanks to our selected partners, every detail is finely orchestrated to create an event that perfectly matches your expectations.

130 chemin des sources, 26120 UPIE

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