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Organise events without limits

Thrill your guest

Would you like to organise a festive, high-impact evening for your company?

Invite your audience for an unforgettable evening at Valsoyo. We offer a wide choice of shows and entertainment for a tailor-made event.

Our aim is to make your event memorable by coming up with original and immersive concepts. 


Discover new sensations

Corporate party

Corporate evenings are special occasions when your audience will enjoy being in the enchanting setting of Valsoyo.

Share a festive moment, mark a highlight of the year, reward your teams, give your employees an unforgettable experience, create new memories and communicate about future projects. There’s no shortage of occasions to celebrate !

From the theme of the evening to the decorations, from the entertainment to the catering menu, our project managers are the driving force behind the creation of your event. The only guiding principle is to respect your brief.

Get off the beaten track by challenging our teams on new evening themes or original concepts. They’re bursting with creative ideas !

Futuristic atmosphere, guinguette party, evening show, imposed dress code, aerial fabric animation, trompe l’oeil menu… Dare to create the Wow effect !

Our vision

Corporate birthday

It’s not every day you get to celebrate an anniversary for your company ! It’s an important milestone in your company’s history.

It’s often an opportunity to invite all your teams, thank your customers, partners or suppliers and present your brand’s new projects.

At Valsoyo, you can create unforgettable and unifying experiences to mark the occasion. Play with the outdoors and our modular reception rooms to invite everyone. The amphitheatre overlooking the lake is a popular spot for large gatherings!

After studying your specifications and visiting the domain, we’ll be happy to advise you and make suggestions.

When it comes to blowing out the candles of a company. We’re always up for it!

Soak up your company’s history and values to co-construct a project that reflects your image. That’s what our team is all about.


Thanks to our various partners, we can select tailor-made, innovative and captivating events to amaze your guests: experiential culinary design, personalised birthday cake, giant escape game, participative fresco, mapping, cabaret show… 

Discover new sensations

Evening party

Organising a gala dinner is a major professional event, and the choice of caterer, accessibility, staging and sound system are all key to the success of your evening.

Valsoyo offers all these facilities, whether you are a local authority, a charity or a company in the banking, insurance or medical sectors…

The stakes for your evening can vary: closing a trade fair or conference, rewarding employees, celebrating retirements, presenting awards, organising a fund-raising event or communicating a product launch.

These types of event often consume a lot of energy. If you want to concentrate on what’s most important – your guests – you can rely on our project managers to support you and ensure that your event runs smoothly on the big day !

Don’t miss out on the theme of your evening! Surprise your audience with a top-quality artistic programme or fun activities linked to your theme.


A show with a gospel choir, a casino evening, a comedy presenter or even a grand illusion show will leave a lasting impression !

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