A unique team building challenge

The Valsoyades


Team building with family or colleagues

The aim is to bring people together in good spirits

The Valsoyades is a team challenge based on 6 fun activities!

It’s all about having a good time on the water!

Teams are made up of 6 to 8 people, who challenge each other. Depending on the size of your group, we’ll adapt the number of activities and the way the teams are split up.

The objective?

Find the clues by doing the activities and win as many points as possible. Teams will be given bracelets at the start of the game, as well as a map to guide them through the various challenges.

A flexible activity package to help you unwind

The tests

To reach the Totem de Valsoyo and fly over the lake for a moment, you’ll have to try your hand at a zip line, followed by suspension bridges and finally a monkey bridge. All you have to do is climb a few more steps, holding on tight to the lifeline, before you can take to the skies and enjoy the feeling of freedom !

After the jump in the air, discover the underground labyrinth… Go underground and visit our mound: on all fours or crawling, you have to find the way out… Up or straight ahead, it’s up to you to choose your path to the light of day !

All the participants sit in the 4 corners of the raft, looking for balance before making the first paddle stroke. Then it’s off around the lake! The clues are in 2 key places on the water, so you’ll have to use all your arm strength. But be warned: this challenge may be punctuated by splashes, deliberate or otherwise !

Even though you’re lying down, it’s not yet siesta time! The rocking seat gives this unusual bike a whole new feel! It’s a 3-wheeled go-kart, and you’ll be using your whole body to drive and steer this new mode of transport.

This is where you need to score points to finalise your Valsoyades score! So open your eyes wide! With the laser rifle firmly on your shoulder, aim accurately! Then grab your blowpipe, take a deep breath and blow the dart into the heart of the target ! Balance and precision are the keys to success !

The organisers calculate the points won in the various events to decide the winning team !

Each participant is offered a reward based on their results, and a drink is offered at the end of the challenge !

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